Product Processed with Gamma Irradiation

Products processed with Gamma Radiation, can be used immediately without having to wait as products do not absorb any radioactivity and no residue is left behind in products. It is a complete Environment friendly process, a clean process which does not leave any residual fumigants after sterilization and generates zero air, water or any other type of pollution. Cold process and No moisture is generated in this process.

This process if not affected by Pressure, Temperature, Vacuum, Humidity and its degree is penetration is high. Due to high penetration strength of Gamma rays, products are processed in their final packaging in fully sealed condition, thereby eliminating risk of contamination. Eliminates all types of living bacteria and parasites and thoroughly sanitizes products from core.


Medical and Surgical


Hemostate medical devices

Ophthalmic Ointments

Cellulosic Products

Metallic Products

Plastic & Rubber Products

Absorbent Cotton wool products

Absorbent Gauze products


Dressing products

Veterinary products and many more

sterilization of surgical instruments
medical sterilization




Body care

Cleansing products and many more


Ayurvedic medicines

Raw materials

Herbal Medicines and their products and many more

Packaging Material

Aseptic bags

Packaging material for Food

Medical products and many more

Cleansing products and many more

Animal and Pet Food

Dog food

Pet feed

Bird Food and many more

Irradiation of animal feed
gamma radiation in medicine
Irradiation of plastic bottles
ayurvedic medicine

Food, Fruits & Allied Products

Cereals, Pulses, Nuts, Oil seeds

Dried fruits & their products

Dry Vegetables, Seasonings, Spices

Condiments, Dry herbs & their products

Tea, Coffee, Cocoa & Plant products

Mangoes, Onions, Potatoes etc

Ethnic Food, Military Rations

Ready to eat food, Ready to cook food

Food additives.

Health food, Dietary Supplements & Nutraceuticals.

Dry food of animal origin

Meat and allied products and many more


Leather products

Crayons and multiple other products

Food Irradiation
Irradiation of leather products