• ISO 11137-1
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • USFDA Drugs
  • USFDA Medical Devices
  • CDSCO Class A, B, C & D Devices
  • CDSCO Cosmetic Form 32
  • CDSCO Form MD 5 & MD 9 Class A, B, C & D Medical Devices
  • FDA Form 25 D Ayurvedic
  • FDA form 25 & 28

About Gamma Irradiation

Gamma Irradiation Sterilization Services is the process of exposing various products to ionizing gamma rays in a highly controlled manner for a specific goal, such as elimination of virus, bacteria, pathogens, insects and other undesirable organisms etc.

  • Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength.
  • Used for sterilization or decontamination, cross linking, and hardening
  • The Gamma Irradiation process involves no heat.
  • This process depends only on exposure time and source strength.
  • Gamma radiation sterilization services are environment friendly.
  • Gamma ray food preservation is safe and easy to validate.

About Us

We are approved and appreciated by BRIT and AERB

Akshar Gamma Steriles LLP, has been set up as India’s Fastest and most updated Gamma irradiation plant. We are engaged in providing Gamma Irradiation Services to our clients at best market leading price. Our gamma radiation sterilization facility is engineered to decontaminate food products and medical devices. With the help of the Gamma irradiation sterilization validation processes, we ensure that our services maintain sterility and safety.

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Gamma Radiation advantages

Key benefits of our updated plant and technology
Product Processed
Product Processed

Products processed with Gamma Radiation, can be used immediately without having to wait

Updated Plant
Updated Plant

With our most updated technology installed, we provide ODR (Over Dose Ratio) of less than 1.1


One of a kind Multipurpose plant design, thereby having ability to process multiple product types.


We are determined to be most efficient gamma irradiation plant in India
for advanced gamma sterilization services.