The gamma radiation sterilization facility used for preservation of food products, sterilization of health care products, polymerisation of wood, vulcanisation of rubber and such purposes for which high intensity irradiation is required. Fast and Timely processing, being the key policy of setting up this gamma irradiation facility, where we are determined to process products within 24 hours guarantee, for our customers which is unique guaranteed policy, never been implemented by any other processing facility. Most updated automation to be installed, with minimum breakdown period during our operations.

With the aim to be a key supporting sector for Medical devices, Pharmaceutical and  Healthcare Industry, we are currently serving the Gamma Radiation treatment requirements of various Indian and International Medical devices, Pharma, Healthcare and Vaccine Companies for all types of products.

Along with radiation treatment, we gives our customers the following supports:-

  • The ease of domestic as well as International Trade and transport
  • storage area for ease in product distribution planning
  • Palletization of products and pallet wrapping
  • 24 hours X 365 days of operation
  • Direct Export provision with Container Stuffing facility
  • Most-efficient, cost-effective and smart solutions for our customers

Some of the Crucial products processed by AKSHARGAMMA – gamma irradiation facility in India are:

  • All types of Vaccine manufacturing assemblies and allied products for Vaccine Manufacturing.
  • All Clean room products.
  • Plastic based Pharmaceutical packaging products.
  • Aluminium Tubes, caps, seals and Aluminium bags packaging products.
  • Medical Rubber Stoppers, Rubber Latex and Nitrile gloves.
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs and Ointments.
  • Orthopaedic Joints and all types of Orthopaedic Fittings.
  • All types of Swabs, Petri Dishes, Alcohol Prep Pads.